Saturday, January 5, 2013

Practicing non-attachment

If there is one thing that really bugs me, it's my yoga time being snatched away from me by people or incidents that require urgent attention, usually for something not very important. This morning was one such occasion when I had to sacrifice my yoga time. Well, I said to myself, let me try practicing a different kind of yoga today. What if I just went with the flow without thinking negative thoughts? Then what would happen? What if I were to attend to whatever needs attending to in a non-judgmental way? What difference would that make to my state of mind?

This thought process led me to a perfectly fruitful half hour of "other" work, off the mat. Just by choosing to alter my way of thinking in that moment, I changed the way I felt about loosing that precious time with myself, and what is more, I came away feeling good as well.

The moment I realised that I could choose my reaction to a given uncomfortable situation, things automatically felt better. The fact that non-attachement to the practice was one of the choices was liberating and choosing it, even more so.

Practicing yoga is a multi dimensional thing. It is not just about the routine of asana - I have said this so many times before, but then it is one of those things that cannot be said enough times. Yoga is about connecting to the self, to the moment and being truly present at all times.  It was an a-ha! moment for me knowing that off-the mat yoga could start with not being attached to my practice the way I know it. I was saved from thinking this is the only way I know to practice. Phew! what a relief.

Practicing yoga can take many forms: karma yoga  is an example - working for the sake of work with no attachment to the results. And working for the sake of work by letting go.


Salsy said...

So nice to read your post. I am off for a bit of bed-yoga myself...a meditative rest in the supine position.

Nanditha Ram said...

Thank you Sally! I love the concept of bed-yoga.....